I hate nightmares. I hate nightmares about people even more. Especially when they make the person out to be so cruel when I know it isnt in their nature. I had ~5hrs of nightmares where you were nothing but horrible to me. I probably need my brain to detox me from your Dick Magic but a gentler approach would have been appreciated.


I have lusted over a lot of boys, but it was usually empty pre-occupation – this blog is full of it. I got off on the idea of being desired. But Ive never actually thrown myself into the direct path of someone, when a path became available. It was possibly the stupidest thing Ive ever done… and I would do it again.


Today it is already tomorrow with you.



Before I go

While I was locking all of my old posts, I found my old updates about buttsecks. So cute. So naive. So much buttscks love. And really, Still so much buttsecks love. I miss it so much. I wish I did have a long term partner, cause gods knows I wont give it up to clients. Some things are sacred. My ass happens to be sacred. SIGH

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I think I may go and lock 98% of my old posts -_- I dont like who I was, she was troubled. I probably still am but I am een more self aware now and those posts do me no favours.