Appendix 69

I am …
Queer : This is my sexuality. It means I don’t care about what is between peoples legs. If I find someone attractive, and intelligent then regardless of what bits they have we can still have a good sexy time.

Gender Queer : While most days I look like a “She/Her” I very rarely identify with it unless I am in a “good girl” mind frame. This being said I also don’t care if you use she/her when referring to me. Just don’t go out of your way to use your projection of my “femininity” as an example of anything because I particularly hate it when people project their identity of me onto me.

If my gender could be “David Bowie’s Crotch from Labyrinth” that is what it would be (alternatively I would accept “Flock of Seagulls devil lock”).

Privileged : And not proud/ignorant of it. But not against using that privilege to aid those who have less privilege than me.

Hyper-Sexual : And incredibly proud of it. I think society would be a better & happier place if we all gave up the notion that sex is dirty & something to be ashamed of wanting. We are creatures and we want creature comfort, and sex is the best comfort we could seek. I am a full supporter of slut-walks, all inclusive take back the nights, male inclusive feminist marches raising awareness of rape, and just about anything that liberates sex as something healthy.


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  1. Je t’es découverte sur tinder, je te trouve très belle et mystérieuse. J’étais curieux et atirer donc je voulais en connaître plus. Merci de partager ta réalité sur ce blog. Je continuer de te suivre.


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