nothing says ‘I care’ like taking it up the ass

I spent two years of a three year relationship trying to learn to enjoy anal sex. My ex always spoke of his ex as though she was a god given anal sex gift to the world. According to him, if a girl wasnt moaning like a whore during anal sex, then she wasn’t really enjoying. Having your partner talk about how much their ex moaned like a whore while you attempt to have a type of sex that you aren’t sure you enjoy is possibly the biggest turn off ever. At the end of it I had declared that I would never enjoy it. Convinced that it just wasn’t my thing I threw out all of my toys, anal lubes, etc so on and so forth.

I haven’t been in a long term relationship for over 18 months, so I havent really had to endure much pestering from partners about anal sex. It seems to be one of those things that men will only ask for if they are 100% comfortable with the girl (or if they are absolutely inlove with ass). Enter el mexicano innuendo intended.

el mexicano doesn’t have a favourite body part, I think in general he just really loves women and their bodies. He can spend an hour kissing up and down my legs and back and be content with that. So after the massage when he suggested anal sex, I thought why not? It is supposed to function better when you are relaxed all over. Filthy story short, I really fucking love anal sex right now. And I finally understand what that ex meant.

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