My time is precious to me (as clumsily covered here). I respect other peoples time, and I expect the same from them. One thing that gets people released back into the wild – otherwise known as dumped – is when they don’t respect my time or make promises that they do not keep.

When I was seeing The Architect, he would always say that “no no, we will see each other before 6wks, promise this time” and while I never actually believed him, I was still a little bit pissed off that he never actually made an effort. Instead he would message me when he wasnt busy (read : when he needed to get his dick wet) and I would go over and give him a blow job. I got cuddles in return. No orgasms for Molly. Not a constructive use of my time.

So ditching someone because they didnt contact me, when I had set aside time for them that could have been better used – Gone. It has happened with people I would like to date, it has happened with fuck buddies, and it has happened with people who were important to me. I view it as a lack of respect and not valuing me. But I do value me. After 3yrs of abuse from my ex – I value me. And I am worth my own time. If I am not worth someone elses time, if they are too “busy”, have shiny new slut toy, only remember I exist when they have a hardon, then I have better people to do with my time.