Nothing says “I’m an adult” like eating a dinner made of 75% dumpstered goods and drinking a fancy pina colada (not dumpstered) on a tuesday night.

I had one of the most relaxing weekends ever, this past weekend. An old roommate ‘kidnapped’ me up to his family cottage and we spent the time bonding, dumpster diving, swimming in lakes, talking about gender & sexuality, and just generally shooting the shit. It was really re-affirming, and reassuring. I’ve really enjoyed the last few weeks of re-connecting with people who share the same values and ideals as I do. I know that surrounding myself with people who only share the same values that I do wont promote self growth but after the last two months of bullshit I think I need to really nurture those relationships before I attempt to take down the manarchists *snicker*.

Ever since I let go of negativity at work everything has been going much smoother, of course now that I’ve been promised sexy queer porn to make ads for I am pretty much the happiest little clam ever.

Boyland has been empty for the last few weeks and I personally really like it that way.