So what happens? You cuddle. You cuddle LOTS. You sprawl all over the bed half naked. He’s still wearing all the clothing from the night before… he might still be wearing his shoes. Every time you edge away he pulls you closer. He doesn’t budge or say anything when you rollover, straddling him to take a drink of water. Of course he doesn’t even flinch, as though it is nothing. It is neither offensive or pleasurable he is as blank as a brick wall. You don’t know how to read it. So you don’t bother. Why question something so simple. He leaves. You don’t chase after him. You want to, maybe he wants you to. You’ll never know because neither of you said it out loud. But damn you wanted. You wanted him to grab your ass when you rolled on top of him, wished he weren’t so damn polite ( you will never admit it but you love a polite punk), wished you didn’t feel like an asshole for being a drunk/hung over anglophone who could barely talk in their native tongue… wished his tongue was in your….

Next morning you “still-drunk” added him on facebook. Next day, have a panic attack while smoking weed and cancel the request. Sober up and have a panic attack because oh em eff gee what is he going to think of my retraction of the almighty FB friend request. Two days later send him a message on facebook that asks him how he is doing, and mention how you would like to see him sometime… be a little heart broken when the message goes missing from your inbox (which means he deleted it on his end). Tell yourself that it isnt worth worrying about, but in reality curse at yourself for not chasing after him when he left your room. Pout. Post angsty, cryptic but not really cryptic FB status updates. Eat take out pad thai in your destroyed bedroom, and wonder if you should clean just in case he does get in contact you… Decide to go to bed instead.

Lather, rinse, repeat every weekend.